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Coffee Basics: Year-Round Coffee

We offer a diverse catalog of quality coffees throughout the year. While it’s nice to have options, it can also make picking your favorite a challenge. With that in mind, let’s dive into our menu to help you find your ideal coffee!

We offer a diverse catalog of quality coffees throughout the year. While it’s nice to have options, it can also make picking your favorite a challenge. With that in mind, let’s dive into our menu to help you find your ideal coffee!

Our coffees fall into three main categories: year-round, single-origin, and seasonal releases. This blog focuses on the anchor of our offerings—the year-round coffees.

Each of our seven year-round coffees has a distinct, consistent flavor profile. The tricky part, however, is that coffee is a seasonal product. Just like any other produce, coffee tastes best when recently harvested. This means we can’t pick a single coffee or blend of coffees to be on the menu in January and expect that same formula to taste optimal in September. To keep up with the seasons, we often change the coffee that goes into the bag. Yet, through our hard work and expertise, we’re able to maintain the same delicious and consistent taste.

How do we do it? Sometimes a year-round tastes just right when made with coffee from one single-origin; other times, it requires a blend of coffees to achieve the right flavor. Our roasting and coffee buying departments work tirelessly to get this mix just right. Check your favorite coffee’s bio page (or the sticker on the bottom of the bag) to see an up-to-date description of its components, along with more info about the roast and tasting notes.

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  • Our Seven Year-Round Coffees

    Each year-round coffee has a distinct flavor profile, selected to highlight a broad spectrum of flavors for coffee lovers with a diverse set of preferences. But the question remains, which year-round is just right for you? Let’s explore these seven beauties:

    Apollo (Organic): Citrus, Floral, Silky

    Photo of a bag of Apollo coffee

    Apollo is a year-round celebration of the birthplace of coffee and its bright, floral, and silky coffees. Released in the summer of 2010, this blend is made up of certified organic, washed coffees sourced from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. It’s a wonderful entry point to East African coffees because it is roasted slightly darker than their single-origin counterparts for a more balanced flavor experience.

    Big Trouble: Caramel, Nutty, Round

    Photo of a bag of Big Trouble

    Big Trouble offers the nutty, caramel, and chocolate flavors that people know and love. This coffee simulates classic northern Italian style coffee, hence why it was originally named Espresso Toscano way back in the day.

    So, with a flavor profile that is so easy to love, what makes it ‘big trouble?’ Sourcing clean and low-acidity coffees from smallholder producers isn’t an easy task. We work with many of the same partners in Central and South America that produce our single-origin coffees to maintain just the right blend of seasonal and quality coffees.

    Fast Forward (Organic): Nutty, Sweet, Light

    Photo of a bag of Fast Forward coffee.

    With a nutty and sweet flavor profile, Fast Forward is your quintessential ‘morning blend.’ We released Fast Forward 2011 (fun fact: it was originally called Farmhouse until 2014), with an approach like that of a Community Supported Agriculture box from certified-organic farms in Central or South America.

    Forty-Six (Organic): Dark Chocolate, Smoky, Full-Bodied

    Photo of a bag of Forty-Six

    Forty-Six is a blend of washed and naturally processed coffees and the darkest roast on our menu. Years ago, we had an offering list 100+ blends long. When tasting with wholesale partners and chefs, blend number 46 consistently emerged as a favorite. But Forty-Six isn’t just any old dark roasted coffee: we select some of our best certified organic coffees and roast them to create a profile that is sweet, clean, smoky, and nuanced. It tastes great black or with milk and sugar.

    Gradient: Dark Chocolate, Roasted Nuts, Berries

    Photo of a bag of Gradient coffee.

    Launched in 2020, Gradient is our newest year-round blend. Made up of 100% Colombian coffees and roasted slightly darker, Gradient has a syrupy body with notes of dark chocolate, roasted nuts, and berry. Although it’s easy to find and purchase generic-tasting Arabica coffees from Colombia, we’ve worked hard over the years to develop traceable supply chains where we can purchase high-quality coffees from the same farmers year after year and pay premiums based on quality.

    Hologram: Fruity, Milk Chocolate, Syrupy

    Photo of a bag of Hologram coffee

    With notes of milk chocolate and vibrant berry, Hologram is a great coffee for drinkers that want a deliciously complex coffee experience. Some call it a classic mocha-java flavor, which we recreate with a mix of washed and natural process coffees. We put tremendous work into sourcing these coffees and combine them to create something multi-dimensional.

    Slow Motion (Organic): Molasses, Cocoa, Smooth

    Photo of a bag of Slow Motion coffee

    We pay extra attention to decaf because we know people are drinking it for the flavor, not the kick. Slow Motion is delicious and decaffeinated by the Swiss Water Process. Slow Motion reminds us of s’mores around the campfire. Consider this your go-to for coffee without the kick!

    If you are wondering which of these year-round coffees is an “espresso” coffee the answer is all of them! We believe that any coffee has the potential to be brewed to taste delicious with any brewing method. But, if we had to choose, we most often suggest Big Trouble, Hologram, and Forty-Six for espresso brewing for their flavor profiles.

    These coffees cover a wide range of flavor profiles, with organic and decaf options. True to their name, you can grab these year-round coffees all year long on our website. If you can't decide, start out with our Blend Box so you can try each one to find your favorite. And when you find your true coffee love, we offer 5lb bags and subscriptions of each year-round blend for those who just can’t get enough.

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