Counter Culture Coffee x Tip Top Cocktails

  • Photo of a hand pouring an espresso martini into a glass from a cocktail shaker.

Introducing the Tip Top Espresso Martini: a canned cocktail made with Big Trouble!

Photo of a bag of Big Trouble coffee, a can of Tip Top x Counter Culture espresso martini, and an espresso martini.

We love a good collaboration. Who doesn’t? You create something completely new, something that couldn’t exist without your partnership, while showcasing the best parts of the whole. Teamwork makes the dream work, that sort of thing.

Two people smiling at the camera holding Tip Top espresso martinis.

So when we had a chance to partner with the liquor wizards of Tip Top Proper Cocktails, we seized it in our grabby, coffee-dusted claws. You’re telling us that Big Trouble, one of our best-selling coffees, gets to swim around with vodka in a delicious, refreshing espresso martini that, oh yeah, also comes in a can so you can drink it anywhere? Think of the flavor opportunities! The experimentation! The quest to find the perfect coffee-to-vodka ratio, blended up with a splash of vanilla in the apotheosis of subtle libational alchemy! 

Anyway, we and our new friends are delighted to unveil the Tip Top Espresso Martini, a delightful celebration of big flavor in a handy little can.

Photo of a person pouring an espresso martini into a coupe glass from a shaker.

See, the espresso martini is one of those classic cocktails that has both great power and great responsibility. Done poorly, you’ll never want to speak of it again. Done well, it can help sell the mood of a classy dinner party or a night out with your closest friends. And the quality of the coffee is what makes or breaks the result.

Big Trouble is the perfect coffee for an espresso martini because its boldness and complexity enhance the drink without overwhelming it. And by putting it all together in a can, Tip Top spares you the trouble and expense of all the equipment involved in making one from scratch. Just shake it up real well with ice, pour, and enjoy. (Of course, your guests don’t need to know that you didn’t toil over a cocktail shaker uphill both ways in the snow.)

Photo of a pyramid of espresso martini cans with an espresso martini in front.

Head on over to Tip Top’s website to get a few for yourself, and tag us on social so we can see how you’ve styled your classy coffee cocktails!

Photos: Jose Pereiro and Laura June Kirsch

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