Coffee is Perennial

A celebration of our commitment to sustainability along the value chain.
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Sustainability is in Bloom

An image of two iced coffee drinks in clear glasses sitting on a counter in front of stacks or white plates is overlaid with a gradient graphic border, a simple floral graphic, and text reading "Bloom Fund".

Introducing the Bloom Fund

$1 per every pound of Perennial sold will go to the Bloom Fund—our new giving program that supports sustainability projects for our Wholesale partners.

Since 2010 we have collected a penny per pound of coffee we sell to fund producer-led sustainability projects in coffee-producing countries through our Seeds program. Bloom, mirrors this initiative at the cafe level.

Excellent Coffee, Year After Year

We are Relationship-Driven

We believe sustaining relationships is fundamental to coffee quality and helps us work toward a more equitable coffee industry. In 2022, 86.5% of our coffee came from producers we worked with for five or more years. Our commitment doesn’t stop at the source: every year, we host hundreds of baristas and coffee lovers at our 12 Training Centers, sharing how to brew these carefully-sourced coffees to perfection.

Brewing Perennial

A box of Perennial coffee on a green ribbed surface and a cream background. A stemmed clementine sits to the left of the box and coffee is being poured into a yellow mug on the right side of the box.

Looking for the best way to brew up your coffee?

What we love about the medium-dark roast profile of Perennial is you can’t go wrong, no matter the brew method. Loyal to your French Press? We got you. More of an Aeropress-and-out-the-door type? We have that too. However you’re brewing, we can help you get there.