We strive for measurable environmental, social, and fiscal sustainability in everything we do. We value continuous improvement, pushed through supply chain partnerships that are built on communication and transparency. Acting responsibly and working collaboratively, we can make coffee a force for good in the world.

Purchasing Principles

How we buy coffee is unique and vitally important to considerations of sustainability.

We make detailed contracts with each of our partners before their harvest even begins, setting specific goals for quality and sustainability. This planning process gives both our partners and us added predictability, the ability to plan financially, and the freedom to experiment.

We build partnerships

Direct communication and transparency help us to build long-term partnerships in the supply chain. Those partnerships allow us to work with coffee farmers and farmer groups on projects to improve quality, encourage sustainable agricultural practices, and address social issues.

We create shared value

We strive to create initiatives that benefit both us and our supply chain partners. We've learned that relationship-building and good communication are the keys to identifying these initiatives.

We visit

In-person visits are a great way to build strong partnerships with farmers, co-ops, washing stations, mills, and exporters. We visit almost all of the places we buy coffee from every two years and keep in constant contact via phone and email.

We value quality

We know that people come to us first and foremost for the taste of our coffees. Each year, we set goals with every producer partner to continuously improve the quality of the coffees we purchase.

We evaluate environmental conditions

Many of the coffees we purchase are certified organic, which is a good indicator of environmental sustainability—especially as it relates to soil health. We’re working to develop an even more holistic set of sustainability indicators and are currently field-testing a beta version of this evaluation during our farm visits this year.

We pay

The cost of investments in quality and sustainability should not be borne by farmers alone. We recognize improvements in these areas by paying higher prices for coffees and working with transparent supply chain partners to ensure that those payments are distributed equitably.

We seek continuous improvement

We value continuous improvement and we partner with growers who don’t just work to meet minimum specifications, but push themselves, and us, to always be getting better.

We share information

Sharing information is one of the core elements of transparency. We share information to show evidence of continuous improvement, to hold ourselves accountable for buying increasingly sustainable coffee, and as a way for consumers to make more informed decisions.

Our Supply Chain

As a roaster, we're in a unique position in the coffee supply chain that allows us to be an agent of change. We work to establish strong communication and information-sharing practices among all of our supply chain partners so we can work toward shared objectives.

Coffee Leaves


We work with many types of producers, from single-family farms to large co-ops, to tackle issues like climate change and education.


Exporter and Importer

Working to get coffee from origin countries to the U.S., these partners are critical to implementing projects on the ground and maintaining quality.

Coffee Bean

CCC Roasteries

At our production facilities where we roast and ship coffee, we focus our sustainability efforts on reducing our carbon footprint, using fewer resources, and reducing waste.


CCC Training Centers

Staffed by our customer support team, our training centers serve as hubs for learning and discussing sustainability issues directly with our customers.


CCC Consumers

Whether wholesale, retail, or grocery, we rely on our customer partners to communicate our sustainability messages, connecting the drinking experience to the story behind the coffee.

Coffee Maker

Coffee Customers

We want everyone to enjoy our coffee, knowing that it was produced sustainably and that their consumption choices are important.

Sustainability Programs

Our definition of sustainable coffee starts at the farm and ends with drinking brewed coffee. We believe that for coffee to be sustainable, all of the practices along the supply chain should be taken into account. That is why we strive for measurable environmental, social, and fiscal sustainability in everything we do.

At Origin

Sustainability At Origin

At Origin

Coffee has the potential to thrive in healthy, biodiverse environments while also supporting the livelihoods of the farmers who grow it and the communities where they live. Our programs at origin work to push that potential.

Internal Programs

Our commitment to sustainability also includes our work here at home—in our roasteries and training centers, with our retail partners, and with like-minded organizations with whom we work to serve common causes.

Internal Programs

Sustainability Internal Programs

Local Communities

Local Communities

In every region where we open a training center, we support community-based organizations that focus on sustainable agriculture and food security—two issues we encounter frequently at origin that we also see reflected in our local communities.

Transparency Report 2016

Check out our latest Transparency Report to see how we’re doing and learn more about our operations and the way we buy coffee.

Friends in Sustainability

Sustainability is a global issue and we can’t tackle it alone. Working collaboratively, both within and outside of our supply chains, allows us to share best practices and learn from our peers to scale our impact.

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