• Hot Trends in Iced Coffee

Hot Trends in Iced Coffee

Whether you’re a devoted year-round cold brew lover or a seasonal sipper, here are the trends that are setting the coffee world on ice.

Whether you’re a devoted year-round cold brew lover or a seasonal sipper, here are the trends that are setting the coffee world on ice.

The term “Iced Coffee” is a TikTok sensation, boasting a staggering 334.5 million tags. But just like yesterday’s viral videos, some fads come and go faster than you can say “Dalgona” (remember that pandemic pastime?). From experimental crazes that excite professionals and home brewers alike to post-worthy beverages that could give you a sugar-rush at first glance, it may be difficult to distinguish the newest novelty from a future menu mainstay. One thing’s for sure: cold coffee is hotter than ever and steadily increasing its share of the market each year.
Whether you’re a devoted year-round cold brew lover or a seasonal sipper, here are the trends that are setting the coffee world on ice.

Ready-to-Drink Iced Coffees

The busy lifestyles of modern consumers, coupled with a growing appreciation for specialty level quality have fueled the popularity of Ready-to-Drink (RTD) options. These options offer the experience of a freshly brewed cup in a convenient format. With a focus on variety, quality ingredients, innovative and sustainable packaging, and health conscious alternatives the RTD market is well-positioned to make a larger presence in both cafes and retail spaces.

Flash Brewed Iced Coffees

Flash brewing involves brewing directly onto ice. This method preserves aromatic compounds and bright acidity of the coffee, resulting in a vibrant and refreshing iced beverage. Cafes are adopting this technique for its ability to highlight nuanced flavors of quality beans which offers a different taste experience than traditional cold brew.

Coffee Cocktails and Mixology

Coffee cocktails blend the complex flavors of coffee with the creativity and sophistication of mixology, making them perfect for brunch menus and evening gatherings. Popular drinks like the Espresso Martini, Cold Brew Negroni, and “Cold Fashioned” balance sweetness, bitterness, and robust flavor profiles with a visual appeal that attracts instagram-savvy consumers. This fusion of two beloved beverage worlds redefines how we experience them.

Coffee Concentrates

These highly concentrated extracts offer a quick and customizable way to enjoy high quality beverages without the need for extensive brewing equipment or time-consuming processes. By diluting the concentrate with milk, water, or liquid of choice consumers can brew anything from americanos, lattes, or even large batched-brews to be enjoyed at any temperature. Beyond traditional coffee beverages, concentrates can be used for cocktails, culinary delights, and in crafting RTD beverages. Unlike freshly brewed coffee, concentrates can be stored for extended periods of time without compromising quality or flavor. 

As we savor the final sip of this exploration of cold coffee today, we see more than a passing trend. It’s a dynamic and growing segment of the industry. Whether it’s the ease and accessibility of RTD beverages, innovative techniques of flash brewing, the sophisticated allure of coffee cocktails, or the practicality and versatility of concentrates, this new era is bursting with creativity and flavor. Cheers to the cold coffee revolution!

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