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Iced Coffee

Made by brewing a concentration of especially selected coffee directly onto ice, freshly brewed iced coffee can be ready to serve in just moments. Melting ice contributes to the total water volume without weakening the final brew. Immediate cooling from the ice locks in flavors and aromatics that other iced coffee processes allow to escape.


  • Brew equipment relevant to this program includes our Counter Culture Pro Cone, and the Chemex. Additional essentials include filters and a container, e.g. Hario Glass Server for immediate consumption, into which to brew.
  • Fresh-roasted coffee (1.8 grams per fluid oz)
  • Ice to hot water ratio: One to One
  • Hot water (195-205 F)
  • A reliable burr grinder is recommended for precision and consistency.
  • A good scale is essential when brewing in small amounts. We recommend a scale that can read both grams and ounces.
  • An Iced Coffee Container—preferably clear and lidded—is recommended to serve and store the final cold brew. Iced coffee is more temperature stable than other methods of brewed coffee, but should still be consumed within 1 day.


1. Weigh Ice
The best way to measure ice is to weigh it. One fluid ounce of water (or ice) weighs one ounce! Weigh appropriate amount of ice to equal one half of the total liquid volume.

2. Measure and Grind
Measure and grind appropriate amount of coffee just before brewing. This can be done with a scale and a burr grinder.

3. Brew the coffee
Filter and brew according to chosen method directly over ice.

4. Serve and Enjoy
The melting ice contributes to the total water volume without weakening the beverage and the immediate cooling of the brewing coffee helps trap in some aromatics that other iced coffee processes don't. Delicious!

Know your coffees. Fresh, aromatic coffees roasted on the lighter end of the spectrum lend themselves to this Japanese iced coffee method. For instance, fruit-forward East African and bright Central American coffees do especially well with this method. Weekly coffee cuppings at Counter Culture will expose you to seasonally fresh coffees best suited for iced coffee!

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