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  • Apollo


    $15.75 | 12 oz bag – subscription plans available from $15.75 $14.18 | 12 oz bag / week

    We are transfixed by Ethiopian coffees—Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, after all. And we are inspired by their floral, citrusy bright notes for the coffees that we use in Apollo.

  • Sale! Baroida 2018


    Aiyura, Eastern Highlands, Papua New Guinea
    $18.25 $17.25 | 12 oz bag

    Beautiful, unique, and challenging hardly begin to tell the story of coffee in Papua New Guinea. Year after year, despite immense challenges, the Colbran family—owners of the Baroida farm—produce what we consider not just the best coffee out of Papua New Guinea, but possibly the best out of the whole Pacific. This impeccably curated lot, which is selected specifically for Counter Culture, features notes of molasses, stone fruit, and spice.

  • Big Trouble

    Big Trouble

    $15.25 | 12 oz bag – subscription plans available from $15.25 $13.73 | 12 oz bag / week

    Big Trouble offers nutty, caramel flavors people know and love, which may seem easy—and our goal is to make it easy to enjoy in any brewer—but it’s actually one of the most challenging for us, because clean, sweet, low-acidity coffees from small-scale farms can be elusive.

  • Buziraguhindwa Natural Sundried

    Buziraguhindwa Natural Sundried

    Kayanza, Burundi
    $18.25 | 12 oz bag

    This coffee is produced by Ramadhan Salum and his team, who work with hundreds of farmers in the village of Buziraguhindwa. In partnership with Counter Culture, in 2011, Ramadhan made the first-ever special-preparation natural sundried coffee in Burundi as an experiment. After falling in love with the results, we sold the first small production lot in 2013. Today, Ramadhan continues to lead the way in Burundi, making natural sundried coffees with refined-yet-big fruit flavors. Look for notes of raspberry, strawberry, and date.

  • New Cariamanga 2018


    Loja, Ecuador
    $18.50 | 12 oz bag

    For the last two years, Counter Culture has focused sourcing efforts around the town of Cariamanga in southern Ecuador. Our partners in the country have been working there for years trying to set up a more direct model to secure coffee from independent, small-scale coffee farms. While not easy, the great climate, coffee varieties, processing practices, and dedication from the farmers have resulted in this selection—boasting a classic-yet-exemplary profile from Ecuador with notes of red plum, fig, and molasses.

  • Nariño, Colombia

    Decaf Kuichi

    Nariño, Colombia
    $18.50 | 12 oz bag

    A delicious cup of decaf coffee is a beautiful thing. This special lot was harvested by the Kuichi group in Nariño, Colombia, and decaffeinated at the first and only decaffeination plant in Colombia, which uses sugarcane for the process. The result is one of the sweetest and most-complex cups of coffee we've ever tasted, with notes of raisin, green apple, and cinnamon.

  • Fast Forward

    Fast Forward

    $15.00 | 12 oz bag – subscription plans available from $15.00 $13.50 | 12 oz bag / week

    In Fast Forward, we offer similar coffees from different harvest periods, making it easy to enjoy fresh coffees throughout the year. And Fast Forward allows us to evolve by working with emerging coffee projects.

  • Forty-Six


    $15.25 | 12 oz bag – subscription plans available from $15.25 $13.73 | 12 oz bag / week

    Reclaiming dark roasts from the realm of less-than-great coffee, we take some of our best and roast them with care in Forty-Six to create something complex, sweet, clean, smoky, and nuanced. This coffee was originally recipe #46; hence the name.

  • Hologram


    $15.25 | 12 oz bag – subscription plans available from $15.25 $13.73 | 12 oz bag / week

    Hologram is our update of the classic Mocha Java flavor profile. Fruit-forward and chocolatey coffees combine to create something distinctly complex.