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  • Photo of the enneagram. 1 is Finca El Puente, 2 is Forty-Six, 3 is Fast Forward, 4 is Hologram, 5 is Slow Motion, 6 is Cinco de Junio, 7 is Sipacapa, 8 is Big Trouble, and 9 is Equilibrium.


Enneagrams And Coffee

Whether you’re an Enneagram fan or brand new to the philosophy, check out Sarajane’s pairings for a coffee that matches best with your personality type!

Whether you’re an Enneagram fan or brand new to the philosophy, check out Sarajane’s pairings for a coffee that matches best with your personality type!

We have been huge fans of Sarajane since we first connected with her working as a barista in Asheville, NC—being a member of an active coffee community there. Sarajane fell in love with coffee at a very young age when her grandfather started making her ‘kids coffee.’ As she grew older, her love of coffee and coffee shop culture turned into a hobby exploring brewing and specialty coffee at new shops around the world. When Sarajane started Enneagram & Coffee, it was as simple as combining the two things she loved the most.

We reached out to Sarajane Case of Enneagram & Coffee to help us match up some of our coffees with each of the nine Enneagrams. If you haven’t heard of Enneagrams before, it’s a personality test that defines nine personality types which are represented by the points of a geometric figure called an Enneagram. The Enneagram Institute says that at its core, the Enneagram is said to help us see ourselves at a deeper, more objective level.

Enneagram 1 – The Reformer

Finca El Puente – Like the Enneagram Type One, this award-winning coffee and the people behind it are in constant pursuit of perfection—always testing experimental processing techniques and pushing every aspect of coffee production to improve the coffee and the farm itself.

Enneagram 2 – The Helper

Forty-Six – Like the Enneagram Type Two, Forty-Six is reliable and consistent. Like a good friend, they are always there when you need them, but often surprise you with their complexity.

Enneagram 3 – The Achiever

Fast Forward – Enneagram Type Threes are reliable and quick to take action. Although the coffees in Fast Forward change frequently, it always has a consistent balance which reminds us of the balance of action and decompression seen in threes.

Enneagram 4 – The Individualist

Hologram – Like an Enneagram Type Four, Hologram has an abundance of flavor complexity. They are multidimensional, high-quality, and significant.

Enneagram 5 – The Investigator

Slow Motion – Enneagram Type Fives have the ability to get by with very little and have a tendency to moderate their energy levels. They may be slow to take action, but it’s high quality when they do.

Enneagram 6 – The Loyalist

Cinco de Junio – Our longest-running partnership in Nicaragua is with the Cinco de Junio cooperative. Like our relationship with them, Enneagram Type Sixes are deeply loyal,persevere through difficulties, and look to solve problems.

Enneagram 7 – The Enthusiast

Sipacapa – At their best, Enneagram Type Sevens focus their talents on worthwhile goals and make the most out of a difficult environment. San Marcos, Guatemala, is located in a high-elevation region known historically for its dry climate and not for exceptional coffee. But over the decades, the region has focused on planting and developing quality coffee. Like Sevens, Sipacapa is a shining example that, with a cheerful determination, you can reach a satisfying outcome.

Enneagram 8 – The Challenger

Big Trouble – Like Enneagram Type Eights, Big Trouble is bold, powerful, and blunt. While attaining such an approachable profile might seem like an easy task, Big Trouble is one of the most challenging year-round products for us to source due to the quality and seasonality of coffees with these characteristics.

Enneagram 9 – The Peacemaker

Equilibrium – Nines can bring balance to difficult situations and have the ability to merge and work with a group. Like an Enneagram Type Nine, Equilibrium is a balanced blend of three distinct coffees creating perfect harmony.

Try out your Enneagram coffee pairing and let us know what you think! 

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