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  • Adenisa

    San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala
    $18.25 | 12 oz bag

    Nestled on the southwestern shore of Lake Atitlán in the municipality of San Pedro La Laguna, ADENISA is a small association of 43 coffee farmers. Working in the shadows of Volcán San Pedro, farmers collect coffee cherries on slopes ranging from 1,610 to 2,100 meters above sea level and bring it to a central mill for processing. Farmers grow mostly Caturra and some Bourbon and Pache varieties, making this super crisp coffee taste like apple and dried fruit.

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    Finca Kilimanjaro

    Santa Ana, El Salvador

    Single-Farm Lot
    Aida Batlle has always been eager to experiment with her coffees, which makes working with her a never-ending and rewarding learning experience for us. She is recognized throughout the coffee world for creating great coffees through her dedication to careful processing, and Finca Kilimanjaro represents this fine attunement to quality. This coffee continues to be the best and most distinct coffee we taste from El Salvador with notes of white grape, vanilla, and citrus.

  • Finca Kilimanjaro – Processing Set

    Santa Ana, El Salvador
    $30.00 | three 4 oz bags

    Aida Batlle has always been eager to experiment with her coffees, which makes working with her a never-ending and rewarding learning experience. She is recognized throughout the coffee world as a pioneer, and these examples of various processing styles exhibit that notion. In this set, the same coffee—Finca Kilimanjaro—is presented in three different processing styles and allows you to experience not only how processing affects coffee, but how high-quality processing affects high-quality coffee. We are grateful for Aida’s unending dedication to quality and collaborative experimentation which continues to create some of the best examples of coffees from El Salvador we have tasted.

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    La Golondrina

    Timbio, Colombia

    The Orgánica cooperative in the region of Cauca, Colombia, has been producing coffee for our La Golondrina offering since 2007. Over the years, they have shown that they are one of the strongest organizations we work with—they consistently produce one of the best organic coffees in Colombia. The resulting coffee has layered flavors of milk chocolate, cherry, and nut.

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    San Miguel

    San Marcos, Guatemala
    $18.25 | 12 oz bag

    In 2017 we began working with producers from the municipality of San Miguel Ixtahuacán, in the department of San Marcos, Guatemala. Founded in 2011, the association comprises more than 400 farmers—a quarter of whom are women—and this lot comes from those producers who have transitioned their farming to organic practices. This coffee is made up of mostly Caturra and Bourbon varieties grown between 1,600–2,100 meters above sea level. It is reminiscent of red grape and cola with a silky body.

  • Sierra Mixteca

    Oaxaca, Mexico
    $18.25 | 12 oz bag

    This coffee comes from several small communities in the mountainous region of Sierra Mixteca, Mexico. In search of better prices for better coffee, the growers work directly with our importing partner to bring collective change to how their coffee is valued. With mostly Bourbon- and Typica-variety coffee grown at some of the highest elevations in Mexico, the collaboration has really paid off. This coffee is impeccably sweet with notes of plum and vanilla with a clean, crisp finish.