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    Finca Villaverde

    Palmitopamba, Ecuador
    $22.25 | 12 oz box

    Single-Variety Lot – Typica Mejorado
    We have traditionally focused our sourcing efforts in Ecuador on the country's southern regions, but we’re always exploring what other regions have to offer in the way of quality coffee. This small lot comes to us from a farm situated in the cloud forests just outside of the northern capital city of Quito. Producer Ruber Portilla grows a variety of Coffea arabica known as Typica Mejorado that's gaining recognition for producing flavors reminiscent of highly coveted Panamanian Gesha-varieties. We taste complex notes of blood orange and brown sugar with a juicy mouthfeel.

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    Embu, Kenya
    $21.50 $20.50 | 12 oz box

    The words “inspired” and “passionate” do not begin to describe the Mbature family, the owners of the Kamavindi estate. With attention to every detail, the family has implemented countless quality innovations that set their third-generation family farm apart from any other farm in the region. This drive and dedication to quality shines through in their coffee with intense brightness, which is balanced by sweet and savory flavors of pink grapefruit, blackberry, and molasses.

  • Nana’s Blend

    $15.25 | 12 oz bag

    Nana’s in Durham, NC, was one of our very first partners when we began roasting coffee in 1995. When chef-owner Scott Howell let us know he was closing his beloved restaurant, we decided to pay homage to our 23-year partnership with a limited run of Nana’s Blend—a tribute to the decades of Howell’s inventive cuisine.

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    Yemen – Hassan Assalol – Natural Sundried

    Eastern Haraz, Yemen
    $20.00 | 4 oz bag

    Hassan Assalol is a young Yemeni coffee producer and descendent of coffee farmers that have grown coffee in the Haraz for centuries. The family’s farm is located in Haraz Mountains 90 kilometers to the west of Sana’a, the capital of Yemen. The farm is at an incredible elevation of 2,000 meters, and due to the semi-arid weather is irrigated by rain collection. Hassan in 2018 produced experimental lots of washed and honey processed coffee, but this natural process lot is a classic. Look for flavors of passion fruit, mango, and sweet cashews.