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  • Dido Birre – Natural Sundried

    Kochere, Ethiopia

    Single-Farmer Lot
    Dido Birre started farming coffee in 1962 on two hectares of land that he inherited from his family. Over the past 56 years he has invested in quality improvement, purchased more land, and built new infrastructure. Dido actively manages a total of 6.5 hectares in the villages of Biloya and Ononcho in the Kochere woreda of the Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia. His meticulous farming and processing techniques yield some of the best examples of natural sundried coffees from the area. Expect notes of dried blueberry, vanilla, and pastry.

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    Finca Kilimanjaro

    Santa Ana, El Salvador

    Single-Farm Lot
    Aida Batlle has always been eager to experiment with her coffees, which makes working with her a never-ending and rewarding learning experience for us. She is recognized throughout the coffee world for creating great coffees through her dedication to careful processing, and Finca Kilimanjaro represents this fine attunement to quality. This coffee continues to be the best and most distinct coffee we taste from El Salvador with notes of white grape, vanilla, and citrus.

  • Finca Kilimanjaro – Processing Set

    Santa Ana, El Salvador
    $30.00 | three 4 oz bags

    Aida Batlle has always been eager to experiment with her coffees, which makes working with her a never-ending and rewarding learning experience. She is recognized throughout the coffee world as a pioneer, and these examples of various processing styles exhibit that notion. In this set, the same coffee—Finca Kilimanjaro—is presented in three different processing styles and allows you to experience not only how processing affects coffee, but how high-quality processing affects high-quality coffee. We are grateful for Aida’s unending dedication to quality and collaborative experimentation which continues to create some of the best examples of coffees from El Salvador we have tasted.

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    Latin America, Ethiopia, Kenya
    $18.25 | 12 oz box

    Limited-Release Winter Blend
    Each year as the holidays approach, we create a special, limited-edition winter blend dedicated to celebration and good cheer. We earmark $1 from each pound of Iridescent sold for a special project fund. The themes of those projects vary year-to-year, but the overall concept stays the same—a focus on increasing the resilience of coffee farmers and their communities. This year, we’re using the Iridescent money to fund three projects that will increase farmers' access to the market. Iridescent offers an approachable flavor profile that is still complex with sweet notes of chocolate and berry.

  • Ngarutua

    Embu, Kenya

    The Muthathai family—owners of Ngarutua—have been growing coffee on the slopes of Mount Kenya since 1958. Today, Peterson and Purity Muthathai run the farm with the help of their children, and they all work together to refine processing and improve quality. Their work is exemplified in this selection and the coffee is highlighted with a silky body and vibrant notes of pomegranate and citrus.