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  • New Finca Belgravia Tabi

    Finca Belgravia – Tabi Variety

    Popayán, Colombia
    $22.75 | 12 oz box

    Finca Belgravia is an experimental farm owned by Caravela—our longtime sourcing partners in Colombia. As owners of Finca Belgravia, they are also members of the Orgánica cooperative, which includes the growers of our La Golondrina coffee. On this small, 3-hectare farm, Caravela's team experiments with new processing techniques, more-sustainable ways of farming, and growing different botanical coffee varieties that they test for quality. This selection of Tabi variety coffee has notes of black cherry, butterscotch, and tangerine.

  • New Galaxy_2018_12ozbox

    Galaxy – Limited-Release Blend

    West Arsi and West Hararge, Ethiopia
    $18.50 | 12 oz box

    For more than two years, Counter Culture has been researching the history and origins of the coffees from Ethiopia—all in an effort to better understand the potential of “the birthplace of coffee.” This exploration helped us discover the two unique offerings that make up this blend. Both coffees exhibit flavor profiles that are rare for us and, when combined, highlight the variety and dimension of this often-misunderstood origin. Look for notes of berries and citrus complemented by a juicy mouthfeel.

  • New Nelson Melo

    Nelson Melo

    Popayán, Colombia
    $23.50 | 12 oz box

    Single-Farmer Lot
    Nelson Melo and his wife Liliana Pabón are longtime leaders among the producers of our La Golondrina coffee from Cauca, Colombia. On their organic farm, Finca Las Acacias, they lead by example. The coffee they produce is not only one of the best organic coffees we buy, but one of the best coffees we buy, period. It is complex with a crisp, clean acidity with notes of delicate tropical fruits and a cane-sugar sweetness.