Natural Decaffeination Explained

Lovers of decaffeinated coffee drink coffee because, more than anything, they love the flavor. We feel a particular responsibility to the decaf drinker and have made it our mission to roast the best decafs on the planet.

Unfortunately, decaffeinated coffees have been relegated to secondary status by most of the world’s coffee roasters, who use low-quality coffees and cheap chemical processes to create their decafs. We have always resisted this impulse, buying instead highest-quality coffees and decaffeinating them to order using an all-natural decaffeination process.

Swiss Water Process
Probably the most famous brand-name in decaffeination is the Swiss Water Process, interestingly done only in British Colombia, Canada. The original water-only process, the Swiss Water Process also uses pure water and proprietary carbon filters to remove the caffeine. 99.9 percent caffeine-free, this process tends to accentuate the body of the coffee, and so we tend to use it when a particular coffee’s body is among its most important characteristics.

Swiss Water is certified organic, kosher, and 100 percent chemical-free. Since fresh coffee always tastes better—and freshness is even more important in decaffeinated coffee—we always decaffeinate in small, frequent batches throughout the year to maintain the highest quality imaginable. All this effort, along with our commitment to high quality and non-chemical processes, means that our decafs are a little more expensive, but they’re worth it.