Tasting at Ten

Tasting at Ten started many years ago when Counter Culture team members would gather in the training center to drink coffee, talk about varieties, and discuss the latest coffee news.

However, coffee is always more exciting with friends, which is why we opened the event to the public. Now, we invite you, your family, your friends to join us every Friday at 10 a.m. in your local Training Center.

Tasting at Ten Calendar



Coffees from the Southern Hemisphere
April 27, 2018
This week we'll be cupping and tasting coffees from the southern hemisphere—specifically from Bolivia and Colombia.


Cupping Ethiopian Varieties
April 20, 2018
To celebrate the launch of our new book, A Reference Guide to Ethiopian Varieties and the opening of our Seattle Training Center, we will be tasting different Ethiopian coffee varieties as well as be talking about our book.
Climate Adaptation Toolkit
April 13, 2018
This week, we'll be talking about how climate change is impacting the coffee industry from the producers to the companies like us.
Micheta from Ethiopia
April 6, 2018
Join us to taste our first coffee from the Hararge region in Ethiopia that we have carried in 10 years! Micheta is easily the best-processed coffee from the area we have ever seen. Come try it for yourself!
Big Trouble and Espresso at Home
March 30, 2018
Join us as we talk about our year-round Big Trouble and unveil our new consumer lab, Espresso at Home!
DC Grand Opening Celebration
March 23, 2018
This week, we're celebrating the opening of our new Training Center in Washington, DC. We'll be talking about what a Training Center is and how you can be involved! Miami will be hosting their tasting at Sabal Coffee this month.
Sensory Lexicon
March 16, 2018
This week, we are talking about World Coffee Research's Sensory Lexicon: What it is and why it's so important to the specialty coffee industry. Miami will be hosting their weekly tasting at Sabal Coffee this month.
Coffees by Aida Batlle
March 9, 2018
This week, we'll focus on our partnership with well-known coffee producer Aida Batlle out of El Salvador. Miami will be hosting their tastings at Sabal Coffee this month.
Partnerships in Rwanda and Burundi
March 2, 2018
This week we're highlighting our partnerships out of Rwanda and Burundi. The tasting in D.C. will take place at the new Training Center located at 1781 Florida Avenue NW, Ste F, Washington D.C.

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