Tasting at Ten

Every Friday at 10 a.m., rain or shine, we stop and taste coffee together at our regional training centers. We welcome our friends, customers, and all coffee lovers to these free tastings; all are welcome, no experience necessary!

Each week we choose a coffee or coffees to feature and a complementary brewing method. We guide participants through the tasting and share details about where the coffee comes from and why we love it. We've been hosting these tastings since our early days—for nearly two decades—and we hope you'll join us soon.

Tasting at Ten Calendar



Kenyan Coffees
November 16, 2018
This Friday we'll be tasting Coffees from Embu, Kenya. This year has been a great year for Kenyan coffee! Come try our latest offering from Embu County.
Iridescent | Drips + Caps #anycoffeeanybrew
November 23, 2018
Every year, $1 per pound of Iridescent sold goes to a special project fund supporting our producing partners. This week we’ll be talking about all of our 2019 projects with a round of Iridescent cappuccinos!
Ethiopian Varieties
November 30, 2018
This year we published a book on Ethiopian coffee varieties and at this tasting we’ll be chatting about and tasting some of these varieties! We’ll have 3 Ethiopian coffees on the table—Bishari, Birhanu Zerihun and Shiferaw Jigso.


Year-Round Cupping
November 9, 2018
We’ll be sharing about our Year-Round program and cupping 3 of the coffees: Fast Forward, Apollo, and Hologram.
Iridescent Deconstructed
November 2, 2018
It must be that time of year….Iridescent is back! Come try this year’s Iridescent blend as well as the individual components that make up our favorite holiday coffee.
October 26, 2018
Come taste some delicious fall-themed signature beverages made with FRANK! and prepared by our team and local partners. Dressing like FRANK!enstein optional, but encouraged.
El Puente Varieties
October 19, 2018
Moises and Marysabel from Finca El Puente are famous for their expansive variety nursery. Come try a few varieties that made it out of the nursery and into production, and get a sneak peak of an upcoming special Black Box set.
October 12, 2018
After a year of great communication with our partners in Democratic Republic of Congo, we'll be welcoming Buchiro back to the menu—a full 2 months ahead of schedule!
New Relationships in Ethiopia
October 5, 2018
Ethiopia holds a special place in our hearts as home to some of our all time favorite coffees. We'll be tasting a coffee from a new relationship in Ethiopia that could easily become one of our new favorites!
International Coffee Day
September 28, 2018
Today, we've got 5 distinct coffees on the table. We'll cup these coffees blind and without knowing what we're tasting, we'll pick out what we like most about each coffee and and share some of our most remarkable coffee memories.
September 21, 2018
Seeds is a Counter Culture fund where our producer-partners can apply for grants to progress any environmental or social sustainability efforts in their communities. Today, we'll be sipping coffee from La Voz and discussing Seeds.

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