ethiopia is simultaneously one of the most interesting and most misunderstood coffee origins in the world. On one hand, it is presented as mysterious and magical, while on the other hand, it is thought of as daunting and confusing. This juxtaposition exists for good reason: the coffee industry in Ethiopia is really complex. Taking into account the platform and logistics of purchasing, the very basics of processing, and the varieties of the coffee trees, Ethiopia in our opinion is the most complex coffee origin.

Due to this complexity—coupled with the fact that Ethiopian coffees are some of our best and most intricate coffees—we’ve spent the last two years investing more time and energy sourcing and researching coffee in Ethiopia than any other origin. We even have a full-time supply chain manager, Getu Bekele, based in Addis Ababa who has worked with producers to improve communication and help us source the best coffees possible. Because of Getu’s background as a coffee breeder and plant researcher in Ethiopia, we could think of no better person to help us try to unravel and bring clarity to the botanical varieties of the coffee plants found around Ethiopia.


Capital Addis Ababa
Coordinates 9°1’N 38°45’E
National Language Amharic
Area 426,400 sq mi
Population 102,374,044
Current Temperature
Creating a reference guide on these improved, local landrace varieties, and migrated Ethiopian coffee varieties can bridge the knowledge gap that exists on Ethiopian coffee varieties in the industry.
- Getu Bekele, Coffee Breeder & Researcher

the Ethiopian Variety Diagram below is a visual representation of the research that Getu Bekele and Timothy Hill our head of Sourcing and Quality have documented and written over the last year.

Ethiopian Coffee Varieties variety map

- varieties materials -

for more than two years, Counter Culture has been researching the history and origins of the coffees from Ethiopia—all in an effort to better understand the potential of “the birthplace of coffee.” This exploration led us to create a collection of resources that aim to bridge the knowledge gap about Ethiopian coffee varieties. We hope that our varieties reference guide, coffee varieties poster, and map of Ethiopia lead to a fuller appreciation for the delicious coffees from this often-misunderstood origin.


this book is a culmination of two years of hard work by numerous employees at Counter Culture Coffee and aims to bridge the knowledge gap that exists on Ethiopian coffee varieties in the industry. The guide will act as a tool that empowers farmers in their decision-making processes when choosing varieties for research, development, or investment. The right varieties in the right environments will ultimately improve productivity and quality on farms. We believe that the long-term effect of this reference guide on the specialty coffee industry will be significant.

A Reference Guide to Ethiopian Coffee Varieties


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a visual representation of the research done for the book, the Ethiopia varieties poster shows how the different coffee varieties are connected and the lineages and relationships among them. The poster, much like the book, was created to help both coffee professionals and enthusiasts understand the importance and depth of the history and diversity of Ethiopian coffee.

Counter Culture Ethiopian Coffee Varieties Map