Climate Change Adaptation Workshop Toolkit


Climate change is predicted to reduce the amount of arable land suitable for growing coffee by 50% by 2050. These climatic changes are already impacting coffee production around the world, threatening the global supply, and the endangering the livelihoods of the 25 million families who depend on its production. Sustaining these livelihoods and the supply of coffee requires farmers to adapt to these changes. Everyone in the supply chain has a role to play in that process.

Working with Twin and the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University, we produced a toolkit that helps users plan and facilitate a climate change adaptation workshop with coffee farmers.

Participants come out of the workshop having identified two to three of the most impactful and feasible adaptation solutions for their organization. Because the workshop is based on the knowledge and experience of the participants, the resulting solutions are specifically tailored to both the local effects of climate change and the resources available to participants.

Download our Flavor WheelFor more information, download this summary of the pilot workshop

toolkitDownload the toolkit here

toolkitDownload the toolkit appendix, which contains activity templates, examples, and case studies, here

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