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    Eastern Highlands, Papua New Guinea
    $18.25 $17.25

    Beautiful, unique, and challenging hardly begin to tell the story of coffee in Papua New Guinea. Year after year, despite immense challenges, the Colbran family—owners of the Baroida farm—produce what we consider not just the best coffee out of Papua New Guinea, but possibly the best out of the whole Pacific. This impeccably curated lot, selected specifically for Counter Culture, features notes of candied walnut, molasses, and citrus.

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    Kayanza, Burundi
    $18.25 | 12 oz bag

    In recent years, the tiny village of Buziraguhindwa, Burundi, has become known for high-quality coffee—thanks in part to the work of Ramadhan Salum, the owner of the washing station where the town’s coffee is processed. In 2010, Counter Culture became the first buyer to work with Ramadhan, and we have worked with him and his dedicated staff ever since to create unique coffees like this one. This washed lot showcases notes of black tea, grapefruit, and honey.

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    Buziraguhindwa Natural Sundried

    Kayanza, Burundi
    $18.25 | 12 oz bag

    This coffee is produced by Ramadhan Salum and his team, who work with hundreds of farmers in the village of Buziraguhindwa. In partnership with Counter Culture, Ramadhan made the first-ever special-preparation natural sundried coffee in Burundi as an experiment in 2011. After falling in love with the results, we sold the first small production lot in 2013. Today, Ramadhan continues to lead the way in Burundi, making natural sundried coffees with refined-yet-big fruit flavors. Look for notes of raspberry, cardamom, and a juicy mouthfeel.

  • Idido

    Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
    $19.00 | 12 oz bag

    The Idido cooperative is located just east of the small, bustling town of Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. Its members’ farms are situated throughout seven communities in some of the highest-altitude coffee growing areas in the region. We work closely with this organic cooperative year after year to select their best coffees, which are known for their sweet and delicate flavors. Look for floral, melon, and citrus notes.

  • Incahuasi

    Cusco, Peru

    Scattered throughout the Incahuasi Valley in Peru’s southern region of Cusco are more than 10 small, coffee-producing communities whose farmers grow mostly Bourbon, Caturra, and Paché varieties. At altitudes ranging from 1,600–2,400 meters above sea level, these communities are thinly connected by limited road access through the harsh Andean landscape. Nevertheless, the communities remain irrevocably linked by their Inca heritage and focus on quality coffee production. The resulting coffee is reminiscent of golden raisin, vanilla, and almond.

  • Kushikamana

    Central and Eastern Regions, Kenya
    $20.75 | 12 oz bag

    Through a project initiated by Counter Culture, small-farm owners in different parts of Kenya’s growing regions started working together to discuss and test new techniques to improve the quality of their coffee. These historically independent growers chose the name Kushikamana, which means “connected” in Swahili, to represent the unity of their group. This selection has a classic profile of coffees from Kenya—blackcurrant, citrus, and savory notes—but with a clarity not found in many Kenyan coffees.

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    La Golondrina

    Timbio, Colombia

    The Orgánica cooperative in the region of Cauca, Colombia, has been producing coffee for our La Golondrina offering since 2007. Over the years, they have shown that they are one of the strongest organizations we work with—they consistently produce one of the best organic coffees in Colombia. The resulting coffee has layered flavors of milk chocolate, cherry, and nut.

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    One 12 oz bag of seasonal, fresh-roasted coffee selected every four weeks by our Coffee Department and delivered directly to you.

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    Single-Origin Two-Bag Subscription shipments through December 28 will include the subscriber-exclusive coffee Muthonjo from Kenya along with Incahuasi from Peru!
  • Urcunina

    La Florida, Nariño, Colombia
    $18.25 | 12 oz bag

    Since 2012, we have been working with coffee farmers in communities around Nariño to build a new supply chain that pays higher prices for higher-quality coffees. This model was new to farmers, as was the approach of working together in associations, and both have encouraged better quality and more transparency. The Urcunina group in the community of La Florida has grown the most in membership, volume, and—most inspiringly—quality. This year’s lot comprises coffee from 134 members and features notes of chocolate, caramel, and dried fruit.

  • Yabitu Tome

    Uraga, East Guji, Ethiopia
    $19.00 | 12 oz bag

    The Yabitu Tome washing station acts as a central hub for collecting and processing coffee cherries from thousands of nearby producers. Once collected, the coffee is sorted, depulped, fermented for up to 48 hours, and washed, before being dried on raised beds for 10–12 days. Meticulous care is given to ensure consistent drying before being transported for export. We're delighted to offer one of the best examples of coffee from the region—we taste peach, lemon, and simple syrup.